New Zealand extreme sports legend Chuck Berry has been working on building a high altitude microlight in his garage for the last three years. He’s finally brought his dream to reality and finished the plane with amazing results. The team at Red Bull have been working hard on making a documentary of his journey in bringing the craft to life. Below is an excerpt from the the doco. It was really nice to see that some of my shots made it into the cut (the shots of Chuck building the microlight in his garage).

Ben Brown

Red Bull Chronicles Profile

(Photo Credit: Graeme Murray)

In April this year I had the privilege with NZ Green Room and Red Bull to go down and film Ben Brown, a pro kayaker conquering the Nevis Bluff in Queenstown. It was an impressive feat traveling down such a powerful river in something as small as a kayak. It was amazing to see it live and be able to film Ben doing what he loves. Bens a really great guy whose really down to earth and easy going! It was awesome spending a couple of days with him and learning about all his adventures. The piece we did on Ben that went live on Skysports a few weeks ago and is now available online:

Ben Brown Conquering the Nevis (Photo Credit: Graeme Murray)

Walking down to the river (Photo Credit: Graeme Murray)

Ben Brown caught up in the rapid (Photo Credit: Graeme Murray)

Me in front of the Nevis (Photo Credit: Graeme Murray)


Performance Snowboarding Camp

Red Bull

(Photo Credit: Miles Holden)

I’ve just got back from a two week trip down in Queenstown where I stayed at Snow Park to film the Red Bull Snowboarding Performance Camp with the NZ Green Room team. It was an epic half a month working with a really talented group of people (above) who are all really passionate about their area of expertise. It was an international event so we were filming the worlds best Snowboarders in the world who were constantly amazing me with their enthusiasm and their amazing skills. The stay at Snow Park was incredible with such friendly staff and awesome facilities. Red Bull looked after us really well and we were very fortunate to have so many blue bird days in such a jaw dropping location. Here’s the first video from the trip:

Click here to watch more from the camp

Yeeeooooow! What a beautiful place (Photo Credit: Takeshi Nakahara)

Sebastien Toutant (Photo Credit: Graeme Murray)

Another blue bird day of filming (Photo Credit: Nicholas Shrunk)

The shadows at Snow Park are like no where else

Up early for sunrise

Me outside in the snowstorm reading the Red Bulletin (Photo Credit: Miles Holden)

Wojtek Pawlusiak living the life of a superstar (Photo Credit: Graeme Murray)

Capturing the mountain range (Photo Credit: Takeshi Nakahara)

Jake Koia (Photo Credit: Miles Holden)

RJ Low having a cold beer in the mountains in the hot tub after a good day filming

Wojtek Pawlusiak, the rail grinding machine

The incredible detail and patterns of the ice

Watching the sun set after a big day shooting (Photo Credit: Takeshi Nakahara)



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