Mourning Light

Last week I worked on a wonderful short film called ‘Mourning Light‘. The film was produced by Clara Bennett, directed by Darryl O’Donovan and written by Hannah McKimm. It was a five day shoot taking place in a variety of beautiful and interesting locations. I was in charge of the lighting and also there as a stills photographer. I had a fantastic time and met some really nice and very talented people. Check out the photos from the shoot below.

Owen played by Jake Addley smiley after having some fake blood put on his lip

Daryl O’Donovan, Hannah McKimm and Vaia Ikonomou in their element

Sioban played by Lucy Heath smiling at her brother

Sioban trying to cope with the loss of what she loved most

Cillian played by Phil Dunster protecting his sister from Owen

The Crew shooting one of the last shots of the day

Siobhan mourning the loss of her brother

The fateful football game which changes Siobhans life forever

Rego slating the board for the next take

Clara Bennet, the producer on top of the world

Sioban remembering all the wonderful times she had with Cillian


The Morning Light crew are currently raising money for the distribution of their film, if you would like to contribute or you would just like to learn more click here


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