RC Helicopter

On the Wednesday before I left for England thanks to Matt and his radio controlled heli we shot some aerial shots for a Free Running doco that I’m editing at the moment. Its an amazing piece of equipment which has a lot of potential and unlimited camera angles. The heli rig requires two people to operate it. One person flys the heli while the…

Redbull Nz Performance Camp

Snowboarding Performance Camp

Highlights (Photo Credit: Graeme Murray) The Red Bull Performance Snowboarding Camp was just over a month ago now. It was an epic trip where I learnt so much and had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented and inspiring people. The highlights video of the 2 week camp is now available online. Check it out:


Ben Brown

Red Bull Chronicles Profile (Photo Credit: Graeme Murray) In April this year I had the privilege with NZ Green Room and Red Bull to go down and film Ben Brown, a pro kayaker conquering the Nevis Bluff in Queenstown. It was an impressive feat traveling down such a powerful river in something as small as a kayak. It was amazing to see it live and…


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