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Sebastian Solberg is a young filmmaker from New Zealand currently based in London. He first started making films aged 9; recreating scenes from his favourite BOND movies. He has since directed over 60 commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films in New Zealand, Nepal, Norway, Qatar and the UK – many of them winning awards including ‘BEST FILM’ and ‘BEST DIRECTOR’. In February 2014 50 KISSES a crowd sourced feature film that Sebastian co-directed premiered at the Genesis cinema in London with a sold out venue. His latest short film MODERN MAN was officially selected for the 16th Très Court International Film Festival and in May 2014 it will be screened in over 100 cities in 27 countries around the world. Sebastian is currently is developing a TV series called GIRL GENIUS and a feature film named ONE WAY TRIP.


MODERN MANDirected by Sebastian Solberg - Très Court International Film Festival Finalist 2014.

COLTON’S BIG NIGHT - Directed by Sebastian Solberg – Winning Production at the 50 Kisses film competition 2014.

ALWAYS WAITING - Directed & written by Sebastian Solberg – Finalist in the Music Video Competition 2012.

CROSSFIRE - Directed & written by Sebastian Solberg / Cody Packer – Filmmakers Achievement Award at The Outlook for Someday Film Competition 2010.

DEFERENCE – Directed & written by Sebastian Solberg – Nominated for Best Musical Score at the V48 Hours Film Competition 2010.

EYE’S ON THE PRIZE - Directed & written by Sebastian Solberg – Filmmaker of the Year Award at the Kents 2009.

NEPAL - Directed & written by Sebastian Solberg – Best Documentary and Best Cinematography at the Cut! Film Competition 2009.

THE STEADFAST TIN SOLDIER - Directed & written by Sebastian Solberg – Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Editing at the YT Film Competition 2008.

CUPID – Directed & written by Sebastian Solberg – Best Script at the YT Film Competition 2007.

SPELLBOUND - Directed & written by Sebastian Solberg – Audience Choice Award at the YT Film Festival 2006.


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