I was asked by Helen Bolter from The Moirae Films to shoot some aerial shots from a hot air balloon for her latest short film. It was incredible to say the least!

On the morning of the shoot we woke up at 3.30am, dressed warm and drove to the location. When we arrived the valley was completely fogged over so we couldn’t see anything. Unsure if it was going to clear up, we decided to have a hot drink and sit it out. Bit by bit the sun began to rise over the bridge and we still weren’t sure whether or not we would be filming. However as the sun rose so did the fog and we decided to go for it. We set up the hot air balloon and took off. It was amazing, I felt like a feather gently floating through the sky.  As it was a very small basket I had to keep the kit to a minimum so I could easily move around the basket without too much hassle. To film the aerial shots I used a Canon 550D, a tripod, the kit lens and a strap to tie the camera to my belt incase I accidentally dropped it.
The only word to describe being up in the hot air balloon is magical. The sensation of being in the air with no engine noise humming in the background and no wings on either side is completely unreal and sensational. We were in the air for over and an hour and a half and we managed to get lots of beautiful shots.

Thanks to: Helen Bolter, Lt. Col Huw Parker, Adam Jones, Paloma Connolly & the Royal Engineers Balloon Club for making the magic happen.



45 Comments on “Floating

  1. Beautiful shots! I went up in a balloon once — such an incredible experience, but definitely one I need to repeat. I had my two children with me, and I do believe I spent the entire time aloft just answering questions and praying for safety and watching their reactions, etc. I don’t really think I ever looked out at the vistas myself!

    You’ve captured the serenity and beauty and fun quite perfectly…

  2. What beautiful digital photos. Were you scared when taking them that you might float out? www,segmation.wordpress.com

  3. I was in a hot air balloon once when I was 16, and it is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had…it was incredible! It was so freeing and serene. :)

    Lovely photos!

  4. Hot air ballooning just got added to the to-do list. Great post.

  5. I agree with all the above, stunning, beautiful, and I definitely have to hot air balloon sometime in my life!

  6. Love the photos! :) Makes me want to try the ‘balloon trip’ someday! Congratulations on being FP!

  7. LOVEEEEE IT! Wish someday i could fly on a hot air balloon.

  8. A bird’s eye view of the ground should be a cool experience.

  9. Oh Sebastian, these shots are off the chain, I have not yet had the hot air balloon experience, but you certainly peaked my curiosity to look into one. Cheers!

  10. Wow, amazing experience. It would be a dream come true to ride in a hot air balloon; If given a chance I would love to try it. Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats for making this post to freshly pressed. :)

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  11. Reblogged this on Frankmaglin's Blog and commented:
    What facinating work you all do. Id love to take time to learn the steps on getting those balloons in the air. Such a beautiful site and way to see the country! I can relate but you guys def have me beat!

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