At the start of the month I went to Geneva for a week of holidaying and exploring. It was awesome! We explored the city centre, the Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) and the Salève
(mountains). Geneva is a beautiful part of the world with lots of untouched nature surrounding it. Below are a few photos from the trip. I hope you like them.

Water fountains like this seem to be everywhere in Geneva

Relaxing in one of the many parks on a sunny afternoon

One of the many swans that inhabit the lake Geneva

The gorgeous mountains less than a hours drive from the city centre of Geneva
Overlooking the special city of Geneva

Approaching the end of the gondola ride with the sun blazing down on us

The epic mountain scape with Mount Blanc on the right

The powerful water jet in the centre of Geneva known in French as the Jet d’Eau

Taking in the sites of Geneva by boat is the only way

The gulls being fed on the edge of the lake Geneva
The Jet d’Eau reflected in Erline’s glassesErline enjoying the boat ride across the lake Geneva


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