Norway 2011 Trip – 1pixaday

Now having just arrived back in England from Norway I feel refreshed and energized after spending a month in such a beautiful country. It was a wonderful trip and one that I will remember for a long time well into the future. During my stay in Norway I challenged myself to take a photo everyday, rain or shine. It was a lot of fun and it forced me to be creative and to come up with a new idea everyday. I loved it. Below are the results from my 32 days in Norway. Please let me know what your favorite photo from the trip is and why by commenting at the bottom of the post?

Norway – Day 1 – Arriving in Trondheim

Norway – Day 2 – Visiting Nidarosdomen

Norway – Day 3 – Exploring my grandfathers garden in Nirvana

Norway – Day 4 – Hiking in Bymarka
Norway – Day 5 – Watching my first Norwegian football match in Lerkendal Stadium
Norway – Day 6 – Enjoying and watching the celebrations of National Day in Norway
Norway – Day 7 – Admiring the Brygge (wharf buildings) on the river Nidelven in Trondheim
Norway – Day 8 – Sightseeing in Stadsbygd, the costal museum near to where my dad grew up in Rissa
Norway – Day 9 – Climbing to the top of Blåheia, what an incredible view of Rissa
Norway – Day 10 – Having a rest with my Grandfather and my Dad after going for a beautiful walk in Rissa
Norway – Day 11 – Relaxing in Nirvana while my Grandfather lies in the sun with the daisies
Norway – Day 12 – Going for a walk in Garten
Norway – Day 13 – Having a chilled out day in Garten
Norway – Day 14 – Crossing The Atlantic Road to get to Bud
Norway – Day 15 – Going for a night time dip in the mountain ranges of Vangshaugen in the lake Storvatnet
Norway – Day 16 – Taking in the stunning view of lake Savalen
Norway – Day 17 – Making a fire for our coffee break by lake Kvenntjønna after exploring the mountain ranges in Savalen
Norway – Day 18 – Taking cover inside while a sudden snowstorm hits Savalen
Norway – Day 19 – Visiting the small town of Røros
Norway – Day 20 – Taking in the beautiful sunset on the Garten coastline
Norway – Day 21 – Exploring the mountain ranges in Rusaset
Norway – Day 22 – Meeting and spending time with my Norwegian family has been amazing
Norway – Day 23 – Celebrating my dad’s birthday
Norway – Day 24 – Looks like I’ve got competition
Norway – Day 25 -Absorbing the beautiful scenery in Garten
Norway – Day 26 – Spending time with my Dad and my Grandma after twenty years since we were last together
Norway – Day 27 – Enjoying the sights in Trondheim
Norway – Day 28 – A cold drink and a sunset
Norway – Day 29 – Taking in the Norwegian nightlife
Norway – Day 30 – Watching an epic sunset in Trondheim on my second to last night in Norway
Norway – Day 31 – Experiencing a huge Norwegian thunderstorm while packing my bags for London
Norway – Day 32 – Getting ready to board the plane in Trondheim after an epic month in Norway

5 Comments on “Norway 2011 Trip – 1pixaday

  1. Amaaaaazing photos! But my absolute fave are Day 3, 8, 20, 28 and 30

  2. Hello! Your landscape photos are amazing but But I liked one in particular that is not landscape but about people … It is a picture of two girls, a purple shirt regatta, which is back and hugged the other girl. I loved the treatment you gave the picture: brightness, color, shadows, is a beautiful composition. You do a great work, I loved and I will show to a friend of mine who is photografer.

  3. Dear Sebastian,I found it hard to pick just one photo out of the 32. There were so many that needed recognition. I picked 3. The one in Rissa where there was just a picture of a small boat resting in the water. The shot of you with your dad and grandad and of course the sunset on day 20. Keep up the awesome work. Love Anne and sam

  4. Hello Sebastian!
    Your photos are very beautiful so It’s not so easy to pick up one.
    I like all of them, you are really clever!
    I like very much nr 10, your grandfather, your father and you, 3 generations, smiling and full of joy! 3 nice, strong personalities!
    I also like nr 3, 9, 18, 20 and 30, wonderful!

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