Mt Ruapehu


On the weekend I went down to Mt Ruapehu with the FTB crew who run a snowboarding camp down there. I was asked to go down as a photographer to get snaps of the guys and girls on the camp. Having only skied on the mountain before it was also a chance to give snowboarding a go, despite being on my bum half the time I still found it really enjoyable and can’t wait to give it another go! The camp was packed with lots of action including snowboarding, skating, going to the hot pools, watching movies, playing lots of playstation and shredding on a home made jib. It was epic and everyone had an amazing time, check out some of the pics below:

Mr Judge showing off his Skate board moves

Willie Beggs the founder of FTB Snowboarding camps

Nick going down the home made jib for the first time

The FTB Wagon

Tom the coach

A fresh hit of snow, powder yeeeoooow

Red Sky at night shepherds delight

Tom hitting the jib

Loving the beautiful colored sunset skys in Oakunui

Cup watching the crew shred on the jib

Tom showing the team how its done

Mr Willie Beggs perfecting the snow ramp of the jib

Manual, nice!

The epic dusk coloured sky

An awesome day on Mt Ruapehu

Mt Ruapehu, what a beautiful country we live in

Boom, Alex + Skateboard = very cool

The snow covered trees… it feels like christmas


FTB Wagon heading up the mountain, slowly getting icy

Willie and some of his FTB gang

Gotta love a amazing sunset and a skate to finish the day

Whakapapa, my first day snowboarding there! Good times

The final day of the camp just before we’re about to head back to Auckland

Our last good byes to the mountain

Cup ripping up on the homemade jib



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